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SPIN (spin), verb 1. to draw out and twist fibers into thread  2. to rotate swiftly and move along smoothly.  SPIN (spin), noun 1. the act of causing a swift rotating movement.  2.  a special point of view, emphasis, or interpretation. 

SPIN (spin), verb  1. an acronym for Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Image, and New Business Development (the services we provide) is a full-service, woman-owned public relations and marketing consulting firm established in 1994– with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC - specializes in integrated marketing for the built environment.

Momentum starts in one place with the thread of an idea and a push.  Threads unite.  Direction is born; a point of view becomes reality.  The spin model of marketing promotes a swift, smooth integration of ideas to achieve growth and accelerate success.  Impelling that direction are four basic building blocks in spin’s marketing paradigm.

Clients include a distinguished list of organizations, institutions and individuals including developers, architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors.  Spin applies nearly 35 years of industry experience from our Founding Owner/Principal, Pauline Harris, to both large and small firms seeking a regional and national presence.

How do we make that happen? First, think about what it is you want your audience to know about you?  Not just buy, but really experience from you?  That’s what we look to capture.  Getting there takes vision and discipline - Followed by a healthy dose of research, strategic thinking and focus.  Whip it all together with some “aha” moments and the end result? – a living, vibrant marketing and public relations initiative.  Now tell it consistently.  And then sit back and enjoy the sweet sounds of success!  That’s what we do.

Our goal is to generate results that move your organization from "Bland to Brand"!